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DNA and Cell Resonance 14,00 EUR
Art.Nr.: B53
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DNA and Cell Resonance

In the water resonance, the DNA is sending a longitudinal wave that propagates in the direction of the magnetic field vector. The computed frequencies from the structure of the DNA agree with those of the bio-photon radiation as predicted. The optimization of efficiency by minimizing the conduction losses leads to the double helix structure of DNA. The vortex model of the magnetic scalar wave not only covers many observed structures within the nucleus from perfect, but also introduces the hyperboloid channels in the matrix, if two cells communicate with each other.

Physical results revealed in 1990 form the basis of the essential component of a potential vortex scalar wave. The need for an extended field theory approach has been known since 2009 by the discovery of magnetic monopoles. For the first time this provides the opportunity to explain the physical basis of life not only from the biological discipline of Science understanding only. Nature covers the whole spectrum of known scientific fields of research for the first time this interdisciplinary understanding is explaining such complex relationships.

Diesen Artikel haben wir am Freitag, 04. März 2011 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.

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