Scalar Wave Chair SWC

Product no.: H09

The SWS serves as an introduction to the scalar wave application. It is a highly simplified device, which is intended as a desktop device, for the transmission of biological signals. These are transmitted from the transmitter to the receiver, not as in the well-proven SWD in the opposite direction, which reduces the efficiency somewhat. The integrated mp3 player contains pre-stored Rife frequencies.

Our Scalar Wave Chair is based on the ## Basisgeräts "SWB".

The height adjustible swivel chair is upholstered with fine bicast leather. With headrest and stable turnstile with easy-running castors. It can be loaded up to 130 kg and is equipped with our basic unit SWB.

A more detailed description of the SWB can be found in its product description on our website.

For reasons of shipping costs, the chair is only pre-assembled with our devices. The end user must be able to do the final assembly himself.

* Optical control:
2 LEDs for positive and negative voltage
* transmitter and receiver:
The receiver collects all unused waves
* Receiver as protection:
against vagrant radiation (against e-smog)
* 100 % scalar wave transmission
which wave is already running backwards from the receiver?
* simple operation:
just switch on (automatic resonance search)

Scope of delivery:

    SWB (premounted on seat) dimensions:
    assembly instruction
    Documentation (2) of the Skalarwellenmedicine

total height: 118 - 125 cm
total width: 70 cm
total depth: 70 cm
seat height: 45 - 52 cm
Seat surface (WxD): 49 x 45 cm
Height backrest: 56 cm
width backrest: 49 cm
Height headrest (from backrest): 21 cm
width headrest: 35 cm
Thick armrest: 6,5 cm
Max. load capacity: 130 kg

Cover: finest bycast leather
Seat, arm and backrest comfortably upholstered
High backrest for better seating comfort

Material: Metal
With stable turnstile
5 smooth running rollers

Special features:
Steplessly height adjustable
Rocker function for more freedom of movement
Stable construction & durable cover


3.830,00 EUR

excl. Shipping costs

Scalar Wave Chair SWC

Scalar Wave Chair SWC