Scalar Wave Chair SWC

Scalar Wave Chair SWC
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Products description

The SWS serves as an introduction to the scalar wave application. It is a highly simplified device, which is intended as a desktop device, for the transmission of biological signals. These are transmitted from the transmitter to the receiver, not as in the well-proven SWD in the opposite direction, which reduces the efficiency somewhat. The integrated mp3 player contains pre-stored Rife frequencies.

Our Scalar Wave Chair is based on the ## Basisgeräts "SWB".

The height adjustible swivel chair is upholstered with fine bicast leather. With headrest and stable turnstile with easy-running castors. It can be loaded up to 130 kg and is equipped with our basic unit SWB.

A more detailed description of the SWB can be found in its product description on our website.

For reasons of shipping costs, the chair is only pre-assembled with our devices. The end user must be able to do the final assembly himself.

* Optical control:
2 LEDs for positive and negative voltage
* transmitter and receiver:
The receiver collects all unused waves
* Receiver as protection:
against vagrant radiation (against e-smog)
* 100 % scalar wave transmission
which wave is already running backwards from the receiver?
* simple operation:
just switch on (automatic resonance search)

Scope of delivery:

    SWB (premounted on seat) dimensions:
    assembly instruction
    Documentation (2) of the Skalarwellenmedicine

total height: 118 - 125 cm
total width: 70 cm
total depth: 70 cm
seat height: 45 - 52 cm
Seat surface (WxD): 49 x 45 cm
Height backrest: 56 cm
width backrest: 49 cm
Height headrest (from backrest): 21 cm
width headrest: 35 cm
Thick armrest: 6,5 cm
Max. load capacity: 130 kg

Cover: finest bycast leather
Seat, arm and backrest comfortably upholstered
High backrest for better seating comfort

Material: Metal
With stable turnstile
5 smooth running rollers

Special features:
Steplessly height adjustable
Rocker function for more freedom of movement
Stable construction & durable cover

Scalar Wave Chair SWC

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This device was commissioned by doctors and health practitioners. Practical applications are in hospitals and in spa hotels as well. Audio frequencies can be modulated on the carrier wave, e.g. for music transmission or the use of other frequencies. Also biological information can be transmitted.

(Book: Documentation (2) on Scalar Wave Medicine included)

Shipping time: 2 weeks
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