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Potential Vortex part 5 - German edition

Potential Vortex part 5 - German edition
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Anyone who wants to know how to get infected by the corona virus and how this works in purely technical termshas a long way to go. First of all, the reader needs a new understanding of gravity. The Croatian scholar Boscovich indicates the path we are taking. He culminates in the statement that all matter in dimensions, whether large or small, depends on its environmental fields.

Thus, for the first time, the structure of gas can be specified. In the case of solid matter, it is a halo that becomes larger the further away it is from the nucleus. This would lay the foundations for the pivotal question.

Now we are able to take care of humans, we understand the gas we need to breathe as well as the DNA that controls everything. From lungs and through mitochondria the rotation is transferred to ATP for our internal consumers.

Biochemistry is only marginally involved. The actual work is done by radio technology. This also explains how the human body is controlled, provided that the control signals are known ...
Potential Vortex part 5 - German edition

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