Scalar Wave Device "SWD" without tablet

Scalar Wave Device SWD without tablet
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The design of the Experimental-Kit, according to schematics of Nikola Tesla, fullfilled the indispensable demand by science for reproducibility of an experiment. Inspired by six anytime reproducible basic tests from the book "Documentation (1) on scalar wave technology" to the special properties of a scalar wave, some researchers have conducted further investigations, preferably on issues of biological effects of scalar waves. Because these had some difficulties in the handling of the yet open experimental assembly, the demand, due to the purpose of their research, came up for an expanded and improved design. So the SWG-A has been developed at first in analog, than afterwards the SWG-M in digital technology. The SWD of today is improved in user comfort and functionality, because it adjusts the scalar wave resonance itself and is due to the integrated battery independent of interferences from the power grid.

It consists of two enclosures of special plastics in which the antenna and the electronics are housed. The built-in timer is, like all other controls, easy to use. Only the connecting cable of the two towers must be connected and the experiments can already begin!

A special feature of the scalar wave device is the from above accessible and exposed Tesla coil. Here you can bring in substances with biological information directly into the magnetic field of the flat coil and modulate "biological information" on the carrier wave (ca. 6.78 MHz). Alternatively, also audio frequencies can be modulated on the carrier wave, e.g. for music therapy or the use of Rife frequencies. This mode is popular with wellness applications, too. The device has a CE certification for technical, physical, biological and medical experiments.

Excerpt: SWD Chapter IV: Technical Description + V: Experimental Setups

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