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Documentation (1) on Scalar Wave Technology

Documentation (1) on Scalar Wave Technology
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Those who seek to enter the world of Scalar Wave experimentation will find many ideas in this book. It begins with instructions for producing extraordinary experiments. These experiments provide proof of an electrical radiation which is faster than light and which cannot be shielded. With skill and the availability of external radiation sources, it is possible to get more energy at the receiver than is plugged into the transmitter. Anyone who doubts these experiments can, with this book in hand, reproduce the experiments using measuring equipment with which they are familiar.

This has prompted many others to draw up their own reports over the past 12 years. Some have written up these reports and sent them to the First Centre for Scalar Wave Technology, and some have published their findings directly. Some of these reports are, in part, quite critical and these take up most of the space in the new edition. A few contradictory results are left uncommented, although in other cases the publisher has included constructive criticism where appropriate.

Prompted by a NASA report, a solution to the puzzle of scalar waves is offered at the end of the book. The losses of a capacitor are reinterpreted on an experimental basis, and a vision into the future of scalar wave technology is described. This could be the beginning of a new technological age.

ISBN 978-3-940 703-21-7


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