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RF amplifier (Take note: don't order from us)

RF amplifier (Take note: dont order from us)
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-- Take note:  Don't order from us, the amplifier can only be bought directly from the manufacturer "Digitum" under the following links:,Produkte/Produkte.html

? High-Frequency Amplifier with a large input power supply range
? protective earthing conductor separated ground potential
? BNC-connectors
? 50 ? input impedance
? 4 Volt(SS) input voltage
? 15dB amplification (decreases over 10 MHz)
? two outputs
? bridge operation possible
? second output is 180° phase-shifted
? output power standard 2x20 Watt
? output impedance 1 ?
? output current up to 1 Ampere
? output voltage up to 60 Volt(SS)
? bandwidth DC to 20 MHz
? operational with all signal forms
? robust aluminum casing
? no noise, fanless
? no Stand-By power consumption
? over temperature protection

Case material: Aluminum
Dimensions in mm (LxWxH): 180 x 150 x 65 (without feet)
Power connection; Operating voltage: 85 - 264 V (AC), 120 - 370 V (DC)
Operating frequency: 47 - 440 Hz
Minimum current: 0.25 A
Maximal current: 0.8 A
Fuse: 250V / 0.8A;  mtr. 5X20
Environmental temperature: 25 ° C
Signal input; input voltage: max. 4 Vpp
Input Impedance: 50?
Waveform: all;  range: 0 (DC) - 20 MHz (nominal 10 MHz)
Output signal; output voltage: 2 x max. 30 Vpp (nom.24 Vpp)
Output impedance: 1 ?
Output Current: 1 A
Gain: 15 dB
The two channels operate at 180 ° phase shift from one another. This doubles the output voltage. The ground connections of the BNC connectors are connected together and to the protective earth.

Possible Application:

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